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We will pick you from Mirissa, Weligama or suburbs (from where you staying) and will drive you to destination beach to discover the snorkeling getaway located between the reefs in order to find the nature gifted amazing sea life. You will provided by snorkeling gear, fins and life jacket (if required) and will direct you to the top spots where you can swim and snorkeling with various sea turtles and the other marine life. You will swim through amazing sea life while Aja, the snorkeling expert guiding you to the spots specially for sea turtles. After completing the snorkeling/swimming, you can relax on the sandy beach. Also you can enjoy a cup of tea after reaching back where we started. Later you will ride back to where you staying with the amazing memories grab with this amazing sea life.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Mirissa/Weligama or suburbs
Hotel pickup/drop Masks, Snorkeling gear, Fins & Life jacket
Tea Beach towels
Personal expenses
Guide gratuity


Swim suite



We will pick you from hotels in Mirissa/Weligama or suburbs


  1. Louise

    Saw the turtles & beautiful fish while snorkelling from the beach. Thank you Thisara for a great morning!

  2. Marie

    The experience was great, even though it was the off season, we still managed to see turtles! Great time and the host was so accommodating and helped us every step of the way. Definitely do it

  3. Sam

    Great experience

  4. Luke

    Great morning swimming with the turtles. We were invited in and drank tea before going out in to the sea to swim. The turtles were really close to the shore and we were able to get up close, a really enjoyable morning.

  5. Ursula

    This was great, I travelled alone to Sri Lanka and chose to do this experience. Host was great lovely and friendly I felt comfortable and loved the turtles , we were able to feed them and swim right next to them. The guide knew exactly where to find them. Went back to the house had tea and it was a perfect experience.

  6. Ashley

    A must-do in Mirissa! Probably the highlight of our trip. We were picked up from our hotel and were transported by car to the snorkelling location. We were very fortunate and managed to locate a turtle within the first 5 minutes of snorkelling, and Aja is well known by the turtles so they were perfectly comfortable with us swimming around it (turtles usually swim away fast upon spotting humans). Aja was very experienced and a great guide, and we managed to spot at least 12 turtles during our snorkelling tour, from small baby turtles to huge ones. Snorkelling gear were provided, and we felt totally safe with Aja’s guidance. Highly recommend!

  7. Mehak

    It was the most amazing experience for my mom and dad (I had booked this for them) and I can’t thank Thisara enough for being so adjusting and understanding. They picked up my mom and dad from their hotel and dropped them back. Plus they made sure that individually, both had their own special moments with the sea creatures. Plus Thisara was super responsive right from the start which is rare, so thank you so much for that! I recommend this experience for everyone without any reservations 🙂

  8. Franziska

    It’s been nice few hours. Every thing was organized for us, like transportation and equipment. The snorkelling spot was a two minutes walk away from the house. The riff is nothing special but you could see different fish, lobsters and two big sea-turtles. The guide showed us where we could discover something and led us safely through shallow areas where more animals could be seen. He was nice. After snorkelling we went back to the house. There you can have a shower. We also got tee with delicous cookies and bananas.

  9. Vidya

    It was an awesome experience! We had another couple with us, but they had done snorkelling before and could manage on their own. We were given all the equipment needed and were taken to the location. Thankfully, for first timers like us, this activity is close to the beach, which has been marked by Thisara & team. Aja, our guide is a well-trained local with deep knowledge of the area, where there are corals, and how to sight turtles and such. He not only gave us thorough instruction on how to use the mask and helped us practice but also guided us throughout the period to show us the life underneath. But I also observed the care taken by the team to keep the corals safe. Aja kept letting us know which direction we could go and were we shouldn’t be standing as there could be corals on the seabed. Overall surely a must go for first timers. You can definitely see a turtle and swim with it (avoid touching or feeding it though) and also see other underwater animals. We got to see a small ray, angel fish and some other beautiful creatures too!

  10. Екатерина

    Это было великолпено! Снорклили с сыном (5 лет). И мне и ему нашлось все нужное оборудование, как и обещали. Ребенок ни разу не плавал в ластах, первые пять минут не понимал, что ему с ногами делать. Но вот когда мы увидели первую черепаху – моментально научился 🙂 Черепахи просто восторг! Плавать рядом с ними и наблюдать за ними – незабываемо. Мы с сыном под огромным впечатлением! Все очень понравилось!

  11. Elizabeth

    This was a great experience! We enjoyed it and were able to see lots of sea turtles and different fish. The water was very clear and I was able to take lots of pictures and videos. I’d highly recommend it!

  12. Brian

    A good taxi picked us up. Friendly reception , He was very helpful with the snorkeling . We saw two turtles and a lot of smaller fish. We got a cup of Ceylon afterwards.

  13. David

    Amazing experience to see several giant turtles in their natural enviroment. We saw many other fish, leaving lobster..The guide was very nice and helpfull. It was a great morning, nice memories… 🙂

  14. Khyati

    Aja was very patient and for a first timer like me, he held my hand throughout and navigated me well into the deep waters. We saw turtles, manta, eel, beautiful reefs and fish. Loved my experience! & would recommend to all. Ended the tour with a nice warm Ceylon tea and cookies

  15. Devangi

    Great experience! They take good care of everything and are very supportive even for people who are scared. I saw two turtles and many fish and truly enjoyed the experience! 🙂

  16. Kristiina

    Me and my two teenagedaughters had the most wonderful time snorkling with turtles, colorful fish and other living creatures in the ocean – surprisingly much in a small area with shallow water. We were nicely taken care of in a calm and secure way. Thanks!

  17. Connie

    It was fantastic, we got to see lots of turtles and many other types of animals!

  18. Lee

    Good value and fabulous experience. I was luck enough to have to the whole reef to myself and interacted with three turtles. Amazing. Thisara was very accommodating as I was extremely late. I had trouble communicating and he waited for me without any drama. I was very grateful.

  19. Brodie

    We really enjoyed the experience. We were very lucky and saw quite a few turtles and loads of different fish. We also spotted a small snake as well. Would definitely recommend this trip. Thanks!

  20. Anna

    Everything was great! We saw 2 big turtles, lots of fish and murena. Also before and after we had a snacks. Our guide was experienced and took a good care of us.

  21. Barbara

    It was a great program. We Loved the turtles. The driver arrived on time.

  22. Jonas

    5 riesen Schildkröten gesehen! Super interessant kann ich nur empfehlen!

  23. Hayley

    One of the highlights of our holiday. Getting so close to wild turtles was an amazing experience. We must have seen 10+ turtles during the snorkel. Our guide was excellent & really knew his stuff. We also saw many other fish.

  24. Lisa

    Amazing experience. We got up close with some amazing and large turtles. A truly one in a lifetime incredible experience. Highly recommend!

  25. Bruce

    Thank you for a great introduction to snorkelling for my wife and sons. We were very excited to come up close to a turtle.

  26. John

    Easy swimming, gorgeous turtles, and convenient location!

  27. John

    Amazing experience. We got up close with some amazing and large turtles. A truly one in a lifetime incredible experience. Highly recommend!

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