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  • Tail fin of the mighty humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae).
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We will meet up early in the morning in order to joining the most amazing thing to do in southern coast beach getaway, Mirissa Sri Lanka. Upon boarding to observation boat, you will serve by morning tea. After then we will start sailing and you will serve by home made breakfast. You my spot various kind of whales and dolphins such as blue whales, Sperm whales, Bryde’s whales, Short finned pilot whales, killer whales, Dolphins, Whale sharks even sea turtles!!! Basically Mirissa is the most ideal destination to do whale and dolphin watching in Sri Lanka. On the way back to coast, you will serve by watermelon and will drop you at Mirissa harbor along with the amazing memories had.

PICKUP TIME/FINISH 6.30 AM – 10.00/11.00 AM
Morning tea & breakfast on board/fresh juice (on the way back) Insurance
Whale watching souvenir Sea sickness pills (if required)
Personal expenses
Government taxes


Government tax:

$18.5 (adult) & $9 (child: 5 – 10)



Mirissa harbor


06.30 AM: Meetup

Meet up at the location. Morning tea will be served.


07.00 AM: Departure

Starting the journey.


07.00 – 10/11.00 AM: Spotting

Spotting the whales and dolphins.

Enjoy the breakfast.

Watermelon will be served upon returning.


11.00 AM: Finish

Complete the journey.


  1. udit

    Great experience and fun.. they do not return unless we see the whales and they are experienced in spotting them. We saw four whales and a couple of dolphins

  2. Wai Kwan

    The trip was quite decent and the boatman, Kanishka was really nice. Also all others, I will definitely book again if I ever visit the place in the future, highly recommended.

  3. Sayan

    Saw dolphins and orcas.
    Trip was a bit long since we couldn’t spot whales initially, but the crew did not give up until we saw something.

  4. Jegadeesan

    Spotted the whale. The Crew and the team searched for the whale to show up for us. Worth for the money.

  5. SHIWEI17

    Guide was good and we saw quite a few whales and some dolphins that day.
    There was not anyone holding up the name board sign, but I was informed in advance over whatsapp and had all my inquiries answered. Good service.

  6. Mayur

    This one’s an amazing experience and a must do while in Mirissa. The best part about operator is that they use eco friendly methods to stop dolphins unlike other operators that use old boats which make a lot of noise and disturb the natural habitat of the whales this one uses a very well maintained one. A short and simple breakfast with some fresh coconut water and watermelon to end the trip. Definitely recommended! đŸ™‚

  7. Naresh Kumar

    We saw few blue whales and spin whales. Overall good service and easy to use.

  8. Shyam

    The guide team makes sure you are taken to the deep sea where they would spot the whales. Great experience. Be very lite on your stomach, beware of sea sickness

  9. Agatha

    It was an easy and quick way of finding out what activities would be done in the area. Everything went smoothly with no hiccups.

  10. Pratik

    It was an amazing experience. We saw blue whales. We were mesmerised as we saw whales for the first time in our lives. Special mention of all the staff on the board who served us with
    1. Tea
    2. Water bottles
    3. Sandwich
    4. Pineapple
    5. Cake
    6. Water melon
    7. Roti with sauce
    8. Coca cola
    9. Coconut water
    10. Banana
    Honestly we didn’t expect so much. Also they provided us with sea sickness tablets and really took great care of us and made our first whale watching experience a memorable one


    Fun activity, managed to spot blue whales and dolphins. Overall comfortable boat ride.

  12. Karen

    Overall, we had a lovely time going whale watching and the crew of our boat were wonderful, very welcoming and made sure we were well looked after. We did see some amazing marine wildlife that day (blue whales, whale sharks, sea turtles, flying fish) but it took a long and might have been due to the fact that there is just a bit too much whale watching happening. At times, there were 17 boats in competition for the best spot to see the whale. They all claim to be respectful to the animals, but they all want to also make sure there guests get what they have paid for so they all go in on the animals and get really close. But that applies to all the companies, even those who advertise whale watching on a sailing boat. When the whale is near, the sails come done and the motor comes on. Si, while I did enjoy seeing the animals close up the whole thing also made me feel quite uncomfortable. Depending on how you feel about this, it’s a good experience.

  13. Zulaikha

    Wow this trip is amazing, we saw lots of dolphins and it was surreal. The guide was friendly and he will alert us whenever the whales are coming. It’s rare to see whales up close but that’s their nature, and at least the guide tried his best not to let us miss out the chance. Coffee and tea, refreshments were also provided. Good service and experience.

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